General Practitioner Refers You To Orthodontist

Your general practitioner, or GP, is also known as your family doctor. If you are a decent and responsible enough adult, you will be visiting him or her at least once a year, or every other year for a thorough medical exam. And if you are a parent, you will be taking your children as well, particularly if they are still young. For the same purposes to make sure that all are healthy and well, adults and children will be examined regularly at the general dentistry los angeles clinic.

The general recommendation is to go at least once a year for the annual dental exam. This usually does not last longer than half an hour or so. Those who find themselves having to be summoned on more occasions during the course of a year, may find that this is for various reasons as determined by the dentists. It could be age-related. Or it could be as a result of years of abuse or neglect. The beauty of it all is that all is never lost.

More complex procedures will be referred over to the orthodontist by the dentist. And it is not unusual for patients to expect more than one visit to the orthodontist. While a single consultation or procedure may not take long to complete, all thanks to advanced technologies, and procedures, now being utilized, orthodontists may wish to apply their (usual) meticulous attention to detail. And that is not to suggest that the dental exam will be any less detail-oriented.

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Diligent patients need not wait for their dentists to make the first call. They do not need a prescription from their dentists to pay an orthodontist a visit. They can schedule their own appointments for the purposes of being thorough.